How to choose a good driving instructor?

Learning how to drive is not possible without a good driving instructor. A driving instructor should undergo a proper test in order to teach learners, which is why it is important to do a proper and intensive research before hiring one. There are a lot of amateur drivers who claim to be professional instructors which is why one really need to be cautious and then there are the cheap driving instructors also, who charge less but don’t live up the expectations.

cheap driving instructors

Questions to ask

In order to find a qualified and trained driver it is important to ask a few questions before booking your first lesson with a new driving instructor:

  • The duration- This is an important question, one really needs to ask the time period for which the instructor has been teaching people. Asking a question like this important to start a conversation and to show that you are genuinely interested in learning how to drive. There would be new instructors as well as old and choosing one is completely your discretion, so choose accordingly.
  • The pass rate- Another important question to ask is regarding the pass rate, nobody can give a cent per cent pass rate. A good and qualified instructor would never hide his pass rate and would talk about with a lot of pride. So look for an instructor who has a fair enough passing rate and is proud to talk about it.
  • The method of teaching- Every instructor has a different teaching method, some like to dictate while some don’t like instructing all the time. The teaching method is important to decide how well you are able to learn. More than the price and the time it is the method of teaching that decides how well you will drive.

These are a few essential questions that should be taken into account while looking for a good driving instructor.