Catering San Francisco- A unique way to plan special occasions

You must be wondering that what would be there in the menu for your sister’s upcoming wedding. There must be several jobs on hold and so much work to do. Well! Panic while arranging venue and to be a host with stress may ruin everything, so here comes an opportunity to get venue decided by the world class catering San Francisco company. A variety that fills your taste buds desire, authenticity that touches heart and arrangement will surely catch eyes of the guests.

How to order for catering San Francisco online?

You can easily book your menu order and select dates on their official website. Besides, so many catering companies located in San Francisco, SF catering promises to provide everything as per the commitment on time. However, you can customize your event by selecting from the menu options that are given step by step-

  1. Select a common add on service– you can add bartender, a server and silverware as well as disposables. All these add on services are chargeable and will be added in your total catering cost.
  2. Select food tray from the menu– you need to click on the option and you will be redirected to a widest range of menu lists. The tray has variety of recipe which can be ordered according to small and large serves. In small serves you get 7 to 8 people covered, while in large more than 12.
  3. Make order and pay for delivery– this option is the page which contains your details. You have to register for free on the catering website and then select the date of delivery, mode of payment and complete formalities.

Therefore, all the packed food is delivered on time before the ceremony starts. Arrangement is done by the catering San Francisco service provider and bartender as well as server will help in serving guests as per the applicable fee and paid charges.